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Calculate-savinds hurricane protecction

The majority of the houses have one or more wind prevention characteristic that may qualified you for a lowest insurance quote and or payment. In addition, homes built after 1994 in Miami, Dade, or Broward and homes built after 2002in the rest of the State, have many construction characteristics in wind resistance that may qualify you for a lower insurance rate.

Florida Statute 626.0629 requires that insurance companies of homes here in South Florida, offer discounts and or credits for construction technicalities that reduce damages caused by wind storms.

The hurricane protection against hurricanes may reduce the damages caused by these to your homes.

To preparing beforehand you will reduce damages and the total time spent on repairs after the fact.  Statistically, after a great hurricane hits, homeowner’s may take up to 1 year to fully repair property damages and bring home back to its original habitable conditions.

Prepare today and save money in your insurance policy. Learn the best ways of window and door protection

Would you like to see the savings for all insurance companies, to the roofand windows


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