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What are building permits and why do I need one ?
Permits are the way cities regulate construction. This is designed to ensure that the entire construction in this city is safe.
 The safety of building occupants is the primary reason for having construction codes , there are federal , state and local laws governing the construction , such as those related to energy conservation and disabled access . There are several different types of permits , depending on the type of construction - structural pipe , mecánicocs and combination (used for single-family housing construction ) . In addition , the complete demolition and relocation of buildings also requires permits.
Mezzanine in Stores Legalize Commercial Spaces
The storage space can be hard to find in space business for many companies resort to the use of mezzanines. Unfortunately , most of these storage spaces do not meet graduation requirements and size / distance set by the Fire Code . This is what tends to be the biggest obstacle in the legalization of these spaces without an experienced architect is likely to run out of time and issued fines.
If the mezzanine space is used as office space then an additional set of calculations is required (apart from structural calculations and life safety ) . It is also likely to require an analysis of parking and a heat load calculation to ensure that your current mechanical system can handle the additional load .
When do I need a building permit ?
A building permit is required for all new construction . In many cases , a permit is required for the repair or replacement of existing fixtures , such as replacing windows. A plumbing permit , electrical or mechanical change is needed for any addition or modification of the existing system of a building , for example , move or add an electrical outlet requires a permit. To find out if your project requires a permit,
Will I have to add more parking ?
Land Use Regulation
Parking requirements , landscaping,
Conditional Use Permits :
Zoning Information and Requirements
Information Signs and Signals requirements new or replacement , including electrical requirements :
Fire Code Inspections of hazardous materials, those who leave and notice requirements login
Water and Sewer Requirements and Fees Adding accessories largest service
Are low interest loans or help available ?
What about disabled access ?

Zoning Permit or Certificate of Use

Certificate of Use applicationAdobe Reader

Certificate of Use for alcohol salesAdobe Reader (the sale of liquor, beer or wine) is needed for the following establishments:

  • Restaurant or cafeteria
  • Convenience or package store
  • Wholesale or distribution

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