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Miami Dade County and Ordinance No. 08-133 applies to all residential properties that are acquired from a Title Certificate (Judgments and Foreclosures).

Properties affected are single family residences, multifamily residences, duplex, and condominiums.

The ordinance requires the title holder of the property in question to obtain a Certificate of Use (CU) form the Zoning Department before the property can be sold.

To obtain a CU, the property must be inspected by a professional engineer and a report of such inspected must be submitted to the building department for review and recording. County fees must be paid during this process. The process may take from 5 to 7 working days.

Miami permits specialize in this process with a 100% success rate in more than 400 cases since the ordinance commenced.

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The preparation and results of these inspections; which qualify the constructions, zonings, or code violations for these properties contain an estimate of good faith for the required remedies or deficiencies.

The CU process may be briefly described as follows:

The completed inspections and its results will be submitted for review to the zoning department of Miami Dade County and Inspections Center in Coral Way (11805 SW 26 Street), next to our offices. There will be a fixed fee payable to the County of $250 + 8%.

The department of Planning and Zoning will review and determine to either approve or deny.

If report is accepted, the property title holder must present results to judge.

The accepted report and corresponding fees are presented and paid in order to obtain the Certificate of Use CU.

Miami permits, part of Properties Solutions, will not charge any additional fees for re-submittals.

We are here to assist, the package includes:

Inspection, presentation fees, recording fees, study, and treatment.

  • Complete inspection as per Miami Dade requirements
  • Approval of Certificate of Use recording in Clerk of Courts
  • Any copies, faxed documents, and emails
  • Obtain microfilm (As-built survey)
  • Track Board’s review progress and status
  • Telephone conversations with Real Estate Agent
  • County documents pick-up and drop-off
  • By not obtaining a CU, you will allows sanctions on the property as per Chapter 8CC of the Code


The purchase of a hose “owner to owner” is a way that the buys can “save money” and use their money to fix their new home.

You should be entitled to know what you are getting yourself into before you buy. It is fundamental to make sure that you are not paying for something that in the end will have more work to do.

You can obtain the history of the property to protect yourself from an investment that can cause problems in the future. This way you can have a fair negotiation. You can ask the seller to leave the estimated amount for you to take care of the violations or l=fine that you will then be responsible for.

If you need an inspection

If the original plans from the property are in your possession but you cannot understand how to read the plans. Our teams can help guide you through a brief inspection and provide you with an estimate for all the repairs if it were necessary. This way you can negotiate fairly with the vendor.

We recommend that you visit our website:

Read the Q&A was designed for your benefit. This can help prepare you before you negotiate.


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