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40/50 years inspections and certification

Commercial Buildings

Exemption from Recertification Requirement

Please note that single family homes, duplexes and all other buildings with an occupant load of ten (10) or less and two thousand (2,000) square feet or less are exempt from recertification requirements.

Non-residential farm buildings on farms are also exempt from recertification requirements.

Reporting Forms required:

If a building needs a 40-year inspection or more, we can help! We can have the buildings inspection done anywhere in Miami Dade and Broward County.

If your commercial or residential buildings are 40 years or more you may receive or have already received a County letter “Notice of Recertification Required”. As of the date stated on the letter recipients, have 90 days to obtain the required inspection. Do not wait until the county opens a violation, anticipate yourself.

A structural and electrical inspection is required for all Miami-Dade and Broward county buildings. Once a building hits the 40-year mark, the certification is required, as well as every 10 years after that. This certification must be done a Florida registered engineer or architect.

The purpose of the inspections is to reduce the structural and electrical error and be more prepared for hurricane winds. The inspections will also help the owners to prepare for future renovations or remodeling.

We are here to help; our team will inspect your building inside and out, including the full structure and electrical wiring. If the building is approved, we will send you a recommendation for recertification. If our evidence shows the need for repairs, we will complete and revise the recommendations and give you a written copy as well as an estimate if needed. These recommendations are to ensure that your building is in good conditions based on the Florida building code.

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