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Wind load calculations

Wind Load Calculations for Windows, Doors and Shutters / Miami-Dade Product Approvals & Notice of Acceptance (NOA)

The Florida Building Code requires that all new windows, doors or shutters be tested and assigned a Notice Of Acceptance prior to be installed in structures.

They must withstand the specific Wind Loads for the area they are being installed.

Wind load refers to the forces or pressures exerted on a structure and the components comprising the structure (i.e., garage doors, entry doors and windows) due to wind.

Wind-load pressures are displayed in positive and negative numbers because wind pressures are assumed to act both toward and away from a building surface.

When the forces act toward the structure, they are categorized as positive pressures. On the other hand, when wind pressures act away from the structure, they are labeled as negative pressures.

Impact-resistant windows and doors are tested for both pressures, negatives and positives.

The NOAs show detailed wind-load pressures for each window dimension that passed the test.

Wind-load calculations refer to the both negative and possitive pressures that structural engineers will calculate for us in order to cost-efficiently design a glazing solution for a specific property or structure.

Without the wind load calculations, we don’t know with certainty if the window meets and exceeds the potential wind forces during a hurricane.

We can provide you with the specific wind loads per opening and coordinate them with your NOA to get you the required building permits.

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