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When Can A Professional Engineer Help?

  1.      Your building has a cracked wall, uneven foundation settlement, and/or it needs seawall repair.

  2.      Your building sustained fire, flood, and/or wind damage and it requires a structural damage assessment.

  3.      Your building is not hurricane-ready, and you need certification to reduce the insurance premium.

  4.      Your structure has building code violations (as built).

  5.      You are buying or selling a building and need to inspect and assess structural defects.

  6.      You want to add a room or a whole second floor to your existing building.

  7.      You want to design a new structure including buildings, bridges, and all other types of residential and commercial projects.


The following is a partial list of PSS Building Inspection Services:

Special and Threshold Inspections

Residential Inspections

Condition Reports

MEP Inspections (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)

Framing (Metal & Wood)


Concrete (Reinforced, Post-tensioned & Precast)

Shoring and Reshoring

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