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Faq Code enforcement violations

Do you have question before you sell or buy a property? Have you purchased a property with illegalities? We have answer that can help you. part of Property Solution Services specializes in correcting any violation dealing with residential and commercial properties. There is no job too small or too big that we cannot handle. We have a professionally trained team that can evaluate the property, prepare the documentation needed for the department of construction. Along with signed and sealed plans and any other physical alterations in order for you to be completely finished with any illegality or violation.

You can contact our offices at 305-228-8900 to obtain answers to any specific question regarding your project.

Our greatest satisfaction is to see that a violation finalized. We help close your case.

What can be done in regards to a Civil Violation on my property?

If you have a Civil Violation, you can choose from the following:

Pay the civil fine how indicated and correct the violation within the deadline given.

You can request a hearing to appeal the decision of the inspector and the fine.  The violation will be given a deadline to when it must be completed. This buys you time to start the process.

Our company has a experience with Miami Dade County and Inspections. Call one of our representatives to ask for an extension to your case and help you resolve it if you wish. Our office number is 305-228-8900.

Do I have to pay for the ticket if my violation has been corrected?

Yes, you are obligated to do both, correct the violations and pay fines due to an open violation. This must been done in order to close you case.

Our company has experience in negotiating fines and liens place by the courts and county.

Why can’t a warning be handed instead of a violation?

A warning is given on some cases as courtesy with discretion of the code enforcement office.

What happens if I do nothing about my violation as far as correcting it goes and I do not pay the fine, what happens with the property?

If you don’t pay the fine or correct the violation the fine will increase up to $10,000. This increase is a protection or verification that the fine will be paid. The case is remains open until all fines are paid, the violation converts into a lien on the property.

When the case is not corrected soon or later, it comes an unsafe structure case. They will notify you once it is considered an unsafe structure case.

Still haven’t corrected the violation? Since the violation is not an unsafe structure case. The county will have a demolition order for your property.

If I correct the violation, do I still have to pay the fines?

Yes, unfortunately although you corrected the violation, the fines still have to be paid. Your violation is not completely corrected until you comply with all of the county requirements and paying fines is one of them.

Most of the time the violations are the new owners fault. The property is bought with illegalities. This happens when there is no research done to the property. It is the realtor’s duty to search for anything in the property that might not be original or that might cause a problem. Once the property is purchased, the illegality is now inherited and is now the new owner’s responsibility to correct.

Definition: Illegal Addition

An illegal addition is when something is added to property weather it is residential or commercial. It can anything from a terrace to an actual extension to a room, even a garage conversion. Anything done without permits and plans is considered an illegal addition.

Engineering Inspection: Illegal Additions

Our team of Florida certified engineers will review your property plans. They will evaluate the situation; give you an estimate and advice on how the problem can be corrected. Our job is finding solutions to illegality problems. We give you all the required documentation certificated. This helps you when making a claim so that you can ask for that money back. part of Properties Solutions Services, LLC.

Your neighborhood violation consultants and where you problems are ours.

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