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Demolition Plans strategy

  • Demolition of any structure attach or detach your need Plans process

Professional Engineer or contractors may assist with your demolition the most safe and effective way possible. It is essential that all activities surrounding demolition and reconstruction be in accordance to the state and federal requirements.

Contractors may value or eliminate structural components in accord to your necessities. Saved materials may be used for future construction projects. All of the means are taken in order to guarantee the security of the public and the environment.

Our contractors will make sure that all materials are categorized and disposed of properly. They have the adequate workers and mechanisms. It is always best to obtain at least 3 different estimates for your construction from licensed and insured contractors.

Take your time to confirm their credentials and references. Please, do not hesitate to send us an email for a free consultation or further questions regarding your demolition. We will surely give you the answer which you seek!

Asbestos - Demolition / Renovation / Roofing Project

All demolitions and building renovations require review and approval, even when no asbestos is present. Miami-Dade County requires a copy of the asbestos survey report to accompany the written notification for demolition operations.

A written notification must be provided to Miami-Dade County at least 10 working days prior to the start of a demolition or asbestos renovation project.

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