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Code violations may come in many sorts; violations may include garbage in the yard, maintenance issues, failure to mow the lawn, home repairs, security, or unsafe issues. When the City or County opens a code violation on the property, this immediately registers and appears on any title search done to the property.

Prevention Instructions:

  1. Make a list of the physical code violations for future reference and compare the City or County’s public records to match the found construction documentation.
  2. Search local laws and ordinances on code violations. Depending on your locality, you may be entitled to a refund of the expenses arising from the code violations, from the previous property owners.
  3. Consult an attorney before initializing any procedures.
  4. Contact our staff at miamipermits for the solution to all code violations.

Obtaining permits is necessary and essential prior to doing any work; this prevents you from obtaining violations, tickets, and liens. structure, part of Properties Solution Services LLC, specializes in the correction of residential and commercial property violations. There are no big or small jobs for us; our team of experts is trained in the field and capable of handling your needs. We will search, prepare the needed paperwork, and evaluate to later submit the correct documentation for permitting. Included in this documentation are engineering plans, applications, microfilms, and calculations, which are necessary to obtain the permits and finalize the code violations.

You may reach us at (305) 228-8900 to obtain specific answers on your case.

You may also email us at

Our 10 year experience allows us to deal, discuss, and handle the City or County. We will extend your violation time, appeal your ticket and negotiate your lien, and close your violation; all this for the best interest of your property.

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