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But feel free to call us if you need help finding a form or construction in specific application and send it by fax or email if you need to fill a form of construction socilitud can make and will charge you a fee for completing the document for youIf need advise please contact Miami Permits affiliate to Propeties Solution Services

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Folio Number 01- CITY MIAMI


      FOLIO NUMBER      01



Folio Number 02- CITY MIAMI


      FOLIO NUMBER      02



Folio Number 03- CITY MIAMI


      FOLIO NUMBER      03



Folio Number 04- CITY MIAMI


      FOLIO NUMBER      04



Folio Number 05- CITY MIAMI


      FOLIO NUMBER      05



Folio Number 06- CITY MIAMI


      FOLIO NUMBER      06



Folio Number 07- CITY MIAMI


      FOLIO NUMBER      07



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