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Chinese drywall

What methods are used to detect and identify Chinese drywall?
Various guidelines have been issued by the CPSC, HUD, FDEH, and U.S. District Court. Essentially they consist of a visual inspection for the signs of Chinese drywall followed by collection of additional “corroborating evidence” such as identifying markings of origin and date(s) of installation and obtaining samples for laboratory analysis. Final determination of the presence of Chinese drywall should not be made without performing laboratory testing.

What are the signs that my house may have Chinese drywall?
The most common sign is blackening of the copper air conditioning coils and copper electrical components. This blackening usually looks like a soot deposit on the copper. Premature and/or repeated failure of air conditioners, refrigerators, other appliances, or electrical equipment are also signs of the presence of Chinese drywall.

Can inspections be performed without testing?
Yes they can as a preliminary indication of whether Chinese drywall might be present. Testing is always required as final proof and for all legal cases.

Who can perform Chinese drywall related services?
There are presently no regulations from any government agencies regarding the qualifications of people performing these services. As a result, many fly-by-night companies have sprung up to offer these services, some of which are not even following the established investigation protocols. In response to this lack of oversight, the Federal Trade Commission has issued a Consumer Alert entitled “Defective Imported Drywall: Don’t Get Nailed by Bogus Tests and Treatments” which is available on their website at

How can I be sure that I have hired a qualified firm?
It is imperative that you research the history of any company offering to provide these services to verify their qualifications, methodology, and experience. Select an established firm with a proven track record. Beware of companies without an established history and companies that could disappear over night. You should only hire qualified, state licensed, engineering companies to perform these services.

Q. Why PSS?
A. PSS is a state licensed engineering company that has been in business for over 10 years. We have proven history of performing top quality services for our clients.

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