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Asbuilt Certificates (Engineer inspections)

 As-Built Certificate from a State of Florida duly licensed engineer or architect, attesting that to the best of his or her knowledge, belief and professional judgment and based on his or her inspection of the structure, the structure:

  • is structurally sound; and
  • satisfies the requirements of the code in effect at the time the work was commenced, indicating the date the work commenced and the requirements of the code in effect on that date; and
  • complies with all requirements of the current code identified above;
  • complies with the permit application and plans approved by the department.

Additionally, the As-Built Certificate shall contain a narrative description of the methodology utilized to make the determination set forth in the As-Built Certificate. If the work was performed at any time during which this code accepted certification by masters in their respective trades as a condition of issuance of a Certificate of Completion, then a master shall be authorized to issue the As-Built Certificate in accordance with work involving

his or her trade which otherwise complies with all requirements of this subsection

Our Staff all specialize in the Florida building codes; this is an important point when it comes time to choose a professional that is practical, quick and certain.

We as engineers’ create a design that will help you save time and money when it comes time to constructions as well as throughout the life of the building.

Our company guarantees that our designs are purposed to save money when constructing an addiction or remodeling your home.

A structure designed by expert engineer requires less time to construct and you can save money on construction costs.

Our strong point has to do with violations. We bring everything up to code with the County’s building code.

The illegal conversion of garages is one of the most common problems in the state of Florida, but it is what we like to do most.

Certificates or General Letters requested by entities that request as the Charter of the Engineer to complete the plans for properties built before 1993 with Amnesty program and the purpose of saving it built without permits or permits have expired and no to demolish the structures, only certify that everything is in a position to apply for permits and pass final inspections.

We provide the following services for our clients:

Resolving Florida Building Code (F.B.C.) Violations


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