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Shop drawings are extremely important to the balustrade & railing manufacturers. The drawings show the contractor's interpretion of construction document set in reference to the scope of work in contract. Quality shop drawings detail and document all requirements of design parameters, and are used by project managers for material ordering, take-offs, fabrication, installation & erection.

Shop drawings will include all the necessary details, drawn in Autocad to describe your interpretion of the cd set for Architectural approval. The details will be generated from the Architectural Plans and your instructions/sketches.

A typical set of drawings will contain the following:

1. Cover sheet: This sheet contains all the miscellaneous job information including: general notes, schedules, glass type schedule, legend, general contractor information, architect information, job location, revision block and an area for architect/contractor approval stamps and comments.

2. Key floor plan sheet(s): The floor plans are NTS and contain the locations of all the work shown on the shop drawings.

3. Elevation sheet(s): The elevations are typically drawn to scale at 1/4" =1 '-0" ("D" size sheet). Typical elevations include all dimensioning, quantities, architectural references, detail balloons with sheet numbers.

4. Detail sheet(s): The details are typically drawn at 1" =1 '-0" ("D" size sheet). Typical details include dimensioning, architectural references, perimeter construction and installation notes).

Balcony Inspections

Florida Statute 509.2112(1) states that "every public lodging establishment that is three (3) stories or more in height in the State file a certificate stating that any and all balconies, platforms, stairways, and railways have been inspected by a person competent to conduct such inspections and are safe, secure, and free of defects." These inspections MUST be performed EVERY THREE (3) YEARS

A full-service engineering inspection firm that specializes in balcony rail inspections. Our licensed inspectors will complete the required inspection and provide you with a detailed report indicating their observations. Once any required repairs have been completed, you will be issued an official Certificate of Balcony Inspection (FORM DBPR HR-7020 – Division of Hotels and Restaurants Certificate of Balcony Inspection) ready for submission to the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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